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November 22, 2017

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Firmly Planted

      In our last newsletter, I asked that you pray for two things specifically:

1. Our paperwork for residency

2. God’s strength and provision in the absence of our coworkers

     I am happy to report that God has been blessing in both of those areas. God answers prayer! Looks like we will be staying in Trinidad. Our residency has not been finalized (So keep praying!), but we are far enough along in the process that we can stay in the country until the paperwork is complete. What a blessing that we can stay firmly planted here and not have to “uproot” our family to travel back and forth between here and the States.
     Speaking of being firmly planted, we just took a wonderful group of students through our GROWING Discipleship program. The whole purpose of this seven week course is to ground believers in the basics of the Christian faith so that when they are presented with false doctrine they will not be uprooted and carried away. I had a few students from previous classes, join us to go through the program once again. Sometimes the best thing we can do as believers is get back to the basics!

     The other big thing that has happened since our last newsletter was our VBS. This year our theme was “Maker Fun Factory.” The whole thrust of the VBS was to let children know that they are made by a loving Creator who has a purpose for their life. As we reiterated this message every day of VBS, I thought about what a beautiful contrast this is to what the secularists and atheists teach. “Made by a loving Creator,” is a much better message than “cosmic accident that evolved from monkeys!” What a privilege to be that Creator's messengers to a lost and dying world!
     As most of you know, VBS is our biggest event of the year, and most of the families that now attend our church can be traced back to one or our Vacation Bible Schools. Here are the numbers from that tremendous week:

     Total VBS Kids Registered: 173
     Salvation Decisions: 25
     Assurance of Salvation: 7
     Visitors Brought: 98
     Verses Memorized: 369

A Heart For God

      In our last newsletter, I told you about the gentleman in our church who recently had to undergo open heart surgery. Thank you for your prayers for this sweet family!
Bro. Ronnie is doing great and even came out to our work day to prepare the church for our anniversary service. The church looked great and the place was packed as we celebrated 13 years of “Lifting up the Name of Christ!”

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