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October 12, 2018

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Exhausting But Awesome

     I remember seeing an advertisement for the Peace Corp when I was young, and the tagline in the commercial was, "It's the toughest job, you'll ever love." This is exactly how I feel about the ministry here in Trinidad! Ministry is exhausting, there is no doubt about that, but it is good to exhaust yourself in a worthy cause.
     In August, we had our VBS. It is a massive undertaking as over 100 children come daily and pack into our tiny facility. Everyday of VBS the gospel is preached and kids have an opportunity to respond to that message and talk to a trained worker about salvation. This marks our 16th VBS in Trinidad. What a blessing to watch God show up in a big way each time! Here are the stats from this year:

          Registered: 130
          Verses Memorized: 463
          Visitor Brought: 69
          Salvation Decisions: 30
          Assurance: 12

     One of the hardest groups to work with is teenagers! (What happens in those few years from VBS age to teen???) Marie, has been making a concentrated effort to work with our teen girls and we are seeing great things from that group. What has made it so successful is that several of the adult ladies from our church have gotten involved in this ministry. They are passing on some of their wisdom to these young girls and it is working beautifully!
      Another area where we are seeing growth in our church is in the area of daily Bible reading. About a year ago, I started meeting, every week, with some young men from the church. As I began focusing on teaching what it means to be a real man of God, I began to realize these guys were not reading their Bibles everyday. I began racking my brain on how to help them with this. What resulted from that was a simple Bible reading program that takes you through the New Testament in one year. I started with these guys and have since opened it up to the whole church. Now, the whole church is on the same Bible reading plan and this is making a huge impact! Small groups meet after the Sunday Evening service to share and discuss what they’ve read. We’re seeing great things from this!

Paperwork Update

      As you know from our past newsletters, we are in the process of applying for residency here in Trinidad. On August 20th we had that big immigrations interview for which we had been waiting for over a year. Leading up to this interview on the 20th we had to get all kinds of documentation like police reports, FBI reports, chest x-rays, medical reports, birth name it, we had to get it! After all was said and done, our documentation was in order and everything passed initial review. Praise the Lord! Now we just have to wait for the official word from the Ministry of National Security.

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