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September 14, 2019

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When Life is Wild, God is Good!

     Children’s ministry has always been an important part of Arouca Baptist Church and that is a legacy we hope to continue as long as the Lord allows. There is a tendency, sometimes, to minimize the importance of children’s ministry in church work but I know from experience just how impactful it can be for the kingdom of God. I love the story about the time that D.L. Moody was asked by a friend, “How many converts did you have tonight?”
     D.L. Moody responded, “Two and a half.”
     The friend attempted to clarify by saying, “I suppose you mean two grownups and a child?”
     To which, Moody replied, “No. Two children and a grownup.”
     “How do you make that out to be two and a half?” queried the friend.
      “Well, you see,” replied Moody, “the two children have a whole life before them, but a grownup person has only half a life before him.”

Check out even more pics and vids from ROAR VBS here!!

      This is why children’s ministry is so important. I have several young men today that are indispensable to me in ministry because they were reached as kids. They help me with everything from leading music, to driving the van, set up, tear down, cleaning the church, etc.
      Our Vacation Bible School this year was wildly successful! Here are the stats for the week:

           Total VBS Kids Registered: 99
           Salvation Decisions: 14
           Assurance: 4
           Visitors Brought: 37
           Verses Said: 421

      A group from our sending church, Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida came to help with this year’s VBS. It was like a children’s ministry “Dream Team”! We had both of the children's pastors from Trinity and we also had the couple that trained my wife and I in children’s work years ago when we worked the bus ministry at Trinity! It was absolutely amazing! And as if that wasn’t good enough, our people from Arouca Baptist Church showed up in record numbers to make sure that this VBS was a success. What a blessing it was to watch the group from America and the people from our church working together seamlessly to accomplish the work of God!

Paperwork Update

     I feel like this paperwork update part of our newsletter is sitting over this section of the page like Dorian over the Atlantic! Will we ever get our residency finalized and be able to move on? Despite the fact that it has been so long, I have faith that we will eventually get our residency. Just a couple of weeks ago we went in to get our 90 day visa extension. The immigration officer checked our file and indicated that everything was in order. We just have to wait patiently until they finish processing the application.

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