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In 2000, Marie and I did our first VBS in Trinidad. It was our first trip to Trinidad together and though VBS was not our specialty it was a need in the church that we were visiting. We had already surrendered to be missionaries to the island but still had to raise our support. After our first VBS, Marie and I determined to save enough money to come to Trinidad every summer and do a VBS. This was one of the greatest moves we ever made as missionaries. It enabled us to build relationships in Trinidad and become more familiar with the culture. Now we live here and this year I had the privilege of conducting a VBS in the church that Marie and I have started. We hope you are blessed as you explore the different VBS themes we have done over the years!

Outback Games 2000

Polar Expedition 2001

Amazon Outfitters 2002

S.C.U.B.A 2003

Mission Possible 2004