Technology and Its Impact on the Missionary
A Biblical View of Technology
Using Technology in Pre-field Ministry
Using Technology to Stay Connected on the Field

Technology is simply the practical application of knowledge. It should be the desire of every missionary to practically apply the knowledge with which God has blessed them. Through the deputation process the missionary should seek to use the technologies available to present the ministry which God has given them in the most compelling way possible. Their video presentation should be sharp and their printed materials should be attractive, whether it be their prayer cards, brochure, or newsletter. The missionary will need to make contact with many churches to gain the support necessary to do the work that God has given to him. Many may be able to keep all of that straight with a pencil and notebook, but some may be able to be more effective by using a computer database. If the missionary has that knowledge and can apply it then he should! Additionally, in the world of deputation today, missionaries need an edge. They need to be able to get their message out in every way imaginable. Many pastors today are computer savvy and a well designed website speaks volumes about a missionary and his desire to get to the field. After he makes contact with a church getting to the meeting can be a much less stressful experience with the aid of a GPS. It's a worthy investment if it allows the missionary to arrive at his destination with the soundness of mind to present his burden clearly. All of these areas of the missionary's pre-field ministry can be improved and aided by the technologies available today. The missionary should seek to use the tools available to make their deputation as effective as possible.

Once the missionary family reaches the field one of the greatest struggles they will face is the shock that they will experience as a result of being separated from their home. This effect can be greatly minimized if the missionary will use the technologies available to stay connected with their friends and family back home. It is crucial that the missionary understand the importance of staying connected. The cost of monthly internet access may be high where they serve but it's cheaper than having to send another missionary. If having internet access allows that missionary family to beat culture shock and stay on the field then it is well worth the investment.

Technology when used correctly has the potential to impact the missionary in a positive way. As missionaries we should seek to use every tool available to make our work more effective and efficient, never forgetting the underlying principle that should guide everything we do, "Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God."(16)


(16) I Corinthians 10:31