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Waiting Upon the Lord

     Life is full of "ups" and "downs" but God is just as good in the "downs" as He is in the "ups"!  On June 19, 2002 my flight instructor and I, lost control of the aircraft during a landing and did $67,000 worth of damage.  Thankfully, neither of us were hurt.  We had performed three takeoffs and landings successfully when we set up for the fourth landing.  Everything looked beautiful as we touched down, the aircraft slowed, and the tailwheel began settling to the ground.  Then, suddenly, the aircraft began veering to the left.  I applied full right rudder which seemingly had no effect.  The aircraft ran off the left shoulder of the runway, the right wing struck the ground and then the airplane nosed over and came to rest on it's nose.
     The insurance has settled with us, and we now have money for another aircraft.  In addition to this we retained salvage rights to the already damaged aircraft which I have sold to a missionary pilot in Canada.  I believe this is part of God's plan to provide us with the best aircraft for the work in the islands!  Pray for us as we seek God's will in this matter!

Cessna 180 Damage

Cessna 180 Damage
Cessna 180 Damage
Click here for pictures of the damaged 180

What About the Airplane?

We still believe that an aviation ministry is still in God's plan for our ministry in the West Indies. After our first term we have learned much about doing business in this part of the world, and like so many places much of what goes on there is all about who you know. . .or who knows you! We are praying that God would open the door and give us a contact at the airport or in the government who would be able to help us establish this kind of ministry. I believe that when the time is right God will show us exactly how He wants us to use the airplane in the ministry in Trinidad!