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(This material was designed to train our VBS workers how to lead a child to Christ.  Leading a child to Christ is the single most important aspect of any children's ministry.  We hope that you will find this information helpful!)

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Click here to download the powerpoint presentation, "How to Lead a child to Christ"



The first thing you should do when dealing with a child that has come forward, is ask them their name. 


Then go and get their registration card from the file box.  The registration card is used to record decisions made during the week.  By getting the registration card first, you will know what decisions the child has made, and be better prepared to meet the needs of the child.  Also, you will have the registration card there to record whatever decision you help the child to make.

In addition to recordkeeping, knowing the childs name will allow you to call the child by name throughout the dealing session.  Using the childs name will help make the conversation more personal.  Nothing is quite as endearing as when someone addresses us by name.  This is true of adults and children as well.


The next thing that you want to ask a child that comes forward is:


"Why did you come forward today?"


Dont assume that they came forward to get saved.  The child might say something like,


"My dog, Spot, hurt his leg yesterday and I wanted to pray for him."


Thats great. . .no matter what the child says, make their experience of coming forward a positive one!  In this case, pray with them about Spot and let them return to class.


If the child doesnt say that he or she came forward to get saved then dont suggest it.  For example, dont say, "Did you come forward to get saved?"  By asking it this way the child may respond yes, simply because they are trying to please you as the adult.


Throughout the process of dealing with the child it is better, not to ask questions that can be answered yes or no.  Ask questions which make the child respond in his or her own words, this will help to make sure the child understands the information.


Its better to ask, "Why did you come forward today?"  Then the child has the opportunity to say in their own words what the Holy Spirit has impressed on their heart.




If the child says something like, "I want to get saved" or "I want to get Jesus in my heart" or "I want to go to heaven."  The very next question you ask is, "Have you ever (use their wording for salvation) done that before?"


For example: "Have you ever asked Jesus to come into your heart before?" 


If the child says Yes then say, "Tell me what you did back then?"


If the child understands salvation and is saying that they want to get saved again, explain to them that salvation is so wonderful that once they are saved they are always saved.  They never have to do it again!


Once again, make sure that this is a positive experience for the child.


Dont say, "You've already done this!  Go sit back down."  Deal with the child about Eternal Security / Assurance.


Even if the child comes forward every day, to get saved again, deal with the child on these two topics.


If the child says "No", saying that they've never asked Jesus to come into their heart, then you move on to explaining salvation.


Remember to speak in simple terms, you can use the "How to Get to Heaven" tract to help guide you through the plan of salvation.

Explain to the child that heaven is a wonderful place and there are many wonderful things in heaven.  But there is one thing that is not allowed in heaven:  SIN


Everyone has sinned.


Ask the child to tell you what sin is.  If they dont know, explain that sin is anything we do that God has told us not to do.  Sin is those bad things that make God sad.


Ask the child if they can name some sins that people do.


Explain that the Bible says that everyone has sinned.  Make sure the child understands that even you, as an adult, have sinned.


Now you can ask a yes or no question to the child, "Have you ever sinned?"


If the child says, No then thank the child for coming forward and pray with him or her asking God to watch over them.  Also, ask God to help them understand the wonderful gift of salvation that He offers to us. 


If you feel like you have explained sin adequately and the child refuses to realize that they are a sinner.  Dont try to convince them that they are sinners.  Let the Holy Spirit do that!  The child has to get lost before they can get saved.


If the child says, "Yes" explain to the child that sin has to be punished, or paid for.


Death in hell forever.


Explain to the child that sin has to be paid for.  The Bible tells us that the payment for sin is death in hell.  Explain that hell is a terrible place created for the devil and his demons.  Its a place where we can never see mom or dad or any relatives.


Sometimes I will ask the child, "Where does your mom or dad work?"  I explain that at the end of the week their mom or dad gets money for the job that they do.  The money is what they get paid, or its the payment, for the work that they do.  Well, there is a payment for sin too!  Romans 6:23 says that the payment for sin is death in hell. 


Then I say, "Thats terrible, we have a big problem!  You and I just said that we are sinners and now the Bible tells us that the price we have to pay for our sins is death in hell!  Thats terrible isnt it. . . BUT. .."


Jesus Christ died for your sin.


Explain to the child that Jesus died for their sins.

Ask them, "How did Jesus die?"  If they don't know, briefly explain the crucifixion to them pointing out that Jesus lived a perfect life, He never sinned, yet He suffered a very painful death.  He had to die that way so that He could pay for our sins.


Ask them, "What happened after He died?"  If they dont answer, help them by saying, "Did He stay dead?"


1 Cor 15:3,4 says, ". . .Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:"

Ask them, "Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again on the third day?"


Receive Jesus Christ as your Savior


Explain that Jesus gave us this special gift, of dying on the cross for our sins because He loves us and wants us to spend forever with Him in heaven.


You can explain that receiving Jesus Christ is as easy as ABC!  To emphasize you might want to say, "You know your ABCs dont you!"




Many times I ask the child, "Do you like to get gifts?  Like for your birthday or Christmas?"


Then I say, "Suppose you wanted a certain kind of toy.  How would your parents know what you wanted?"


They will say, "I would have to ask them for it."  Then you can explain, "It's the same way with God, we have to ask Him for it.  You can ask God by praying to Him right now."


Try to get the child to pray their own prayer to God.


I will normally say something like this, "Johnny, you can talk to God right now, just like you can talk to anyone else.  So right now, why dont you pray to God.  Tell Him you know youre a sinner, and that you believe He sent Jesus to die for your sins.  And then tell Him what you want.  Ask Him to save you from your sin so that you can go to be with Him in heaven someday."


Then I say, "If you dont mind, Johnny, can you pray out loud so that I can listen in on what you and God talk about?"


Some of the most precious moments of my life, have been listening to a child word their prayer to the Almighty God of heaven.  If possible try to encourage the child to talk to God unscripted.  Youll be glad that you did!


However, some children are just too shy to construct their own prayer.  If this is the case, feel free to use the sample prayer found in the "How to Get to Heaven" tract.


After the child has prayed, youre not done, deal with them about eternal security.


Eternal Security/ Assurance


The scripture I use to deal with children about eternal security is:


John 10:28-29


28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.


29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.




If its an older child I might ask, "Do you know why some of the words in this Bible are red?"


Then I go on to explain that the words in red are the words that Jesus actually said when he was on earth.


Jesus says, "I give unto them eternal life."  I remind the child of when we talked about Romans 6:23:


Rom 6:23


23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.




 And then I ask, "Just a moment ago when you prayed, what did Jesus give you?"


If they dont say eternal life, review salvation, and make sure they understand that eternal life is part of salvation.


Then continue, "Jesus says that people who have eternal life will never perish.  Explain that perish, means death in hell."


No only that, but Jesus says, "No man can pluck them out of my Fathers hands."


I like to use this illustration, I take my watch or my wedding ring, and I explain how much it is worth.  Then I say, "If you can get that ring out of the palm of my hand you can have it!  I clench my fist and let the child attempt to get the ring out of my hand."  (Praise the Lord, I havent lost yet!  Another option is to hold the ring up higher than they can reach) Then I say, "Why couldn't you get the ring out of my hand?"  They will say, "Because you are stronger than me."


Then I explain, "Johnny, its kind of like this.  When you got saved just a moment ago, God put you in the palm of his hand.  Now. . .am I stronger than God?  Could I take you out of His hand?  Are you stronger than God?  Can you take yourself out of his hand?  Is the devil stronger than God?  Can the devil take you out of Gods hand?  Is there anyone stronger than God? Is there anything that could possibly take you out of Gods hand?"


No. Once you are saved you are always saved.


Another verse you might find helpful is:


1 John 5:13


13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.


**Be sure to record whatever decision you help the child make on the registration card.


This lets us keep track of what decisions the child makes so that we can deal with them more effectively.  For instance:  If they get saved one day and then come again to get saved, we know to deal with them about eternal security.  Thanks for your help!