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June 21, 2022

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Back on Track

      Things in Trinidad have been getting back on track. We have been able to restart ministries and many people have started attending our Sunday service on a regular basis. I cannot really explain how much joy it brings me to see that empty seats at the church are beginning to be filled. Easter Sunday was wonderful this year. We had many people come out to celebrate. My kids always tell me I sound old when I say this but it really is such a blessing to see young people worshiping the Lord with a smile.

(Visit the Arouca Baptist Church Facebook page to watch Sunday Services at 11am or to be a part of the 5x5 Bible Study at 7pm.)

      Kid’s and teen’s ministry is so important! A few weeks ago, I was picking up a few of our kids and teens that come on a regular basis. They brought some visitors and the youngest girl, who was seven, was so excited to come to church. We asked her if she had come to our church before and her answer really touched my heart. She said that she had not been to our church before and then went on to say that she had never been to any church before. She was very excited to go to church for the first time. It was just a regular Sunday, many people might not even realize how powerful that Sunday was! I realized that God was working in our church. Sometimes ministry can be discouraging but God reminded me why we are here. I am very glad that Arouca Baptist Church was her first experience of church and that we can show her how much we love her and most importantly how much Jesus loves her.
      My wife Marie is very passionate about helping the ladies of our church. Recently, she conducted a 6 week Bible Study on the Book of Ruth. I know that the ladies enjoyed coming together and encouraging each other.
      Recently, our church received barrels of blessings. Grace Baptist Church in Chappaqua, NY has helped greatly by sending three barrels of Bibles, clothes, and many other essential things to meet the needs of the people here in Trinidad. Mrs. Paula along with her daughter Jerusha devoted their day to helping Marie sort and pack bags to give out to the people in our church.

VBS is Back On!


      VBS is back on track too! Literally on track...our VBS for this year is Rocky Railway. I could not be more excited! VBS is very important to the people at our church. It holds a special place in many of our hearts because the majority of people who attend our church came because they were invited to VBS or their kids were invited. I have seen many of the kids that came to VBS grow up and serve the Lord. Please pray that we will see kids saved and lives changed during VBS!

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