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August 28, 2020

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Open...and Then Closed Again

      August 2nd was our official reopening of the church. We were able to have a few services at the church but then the Trinidadian government decided to lockdown the country again. We will continue to record services at church and stream them online but it feels like we have taken a step back. Our 5x5x5 Bible study is still being held online via Zoom and that is going well. This is one ministry that I think has been enhanced by changing the format and transferring it online. Many people watch the broadcast live on Facebook every week. We have just finished the book of Ruth and have begun the book of 1 Samuel!

Click here to watch Sunday Services or to be a part of the 5x5x5 Bible Study:

      I have also started a new sermon series entitled, “I Want to Go to Church.” My concern is that this pandemic has taken way the desire of many to go to church, whether it be physically or online. Hopefully, once the church reopens there will be an urge in the hearts of people to want to go to church.

      Sadly, we are not going to be able to have VBS this year. It was recently announced that schools in Trinidad will not reopen until January of 2021. Even though our kids ministry has not been able to operate as usual I was glad that George and I (if your wondering who George is check out our last newsletter) were able to take part in an online VBS put on by one of our supporting churches, Greater Portland Baptist Church. They took up an offering to help support Project Blessings. This has been a great “blessing” to us.
      Project Blessings is another ministry which we have been focusing on ever since this pandemic started. We have distributed many bags of groceries to people in need throughout our community. I am very thankful for all of the churches and individuals that have given to Project Blessings. I think we can all agree that 2020 has not been what we had expected but God has continued to show us His many blessings as we move into the next chapter of Arouca Baptist Church.

Paperwork in a Pandemic

      The last time we went into immigrations in February they gave us a 6 month extension. This was a blessing because prior to this they had only been giving us 3 months at a time. They have put new procedures in place in light of COVID-19 and currently visa extensions are being given by appointment only. We have applied for an appointment and are now patiently waiting for a response. Please keep this in prayer.

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